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We've got some awesome news for you! We signed to Gramophone Records Finland. We are so happy to continue our journey with this fresh new label. <3 Please check out the original news just below.

Photographer: Emma Rinneheimo

Gramophone Records is happy to announce that HEROINES will join their label.

HEROINES is a female pop group (vocal ensemble) based in Finland. This power trio is formed by experienced performers: Rafaela Truda (Rafaelah), Stella Löflund (Stella Christine), and Ilona Savolainen (Ylona).

The singers met in Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2016 (The Eurovision National Pre-selection), where they competed against each other but later found the beauty of working together. In 2020 HEROINES took part in the music talent competition All Together Now Suomi. HEROINES went straight to the final and after a strong performance ended up winning the show.

HEROINES wants to highlight the importance of supporting one another, and the beauty of co-operating and combining talents. The name HEROINES came from the idea that anyone can be the heroine (or hero) of their own story. You don't have to be a superhuman to feel worthy, you are already unique and beautiful! Great things happen when you decide to believe in yourself and encourage others to do the same. Also, HEROINES isn't the most modest band name you can come up with and there is a message these women want to say: Be as extra as you want! Don't reduce your luminosity even if it's too much for someone.

The music of HEROINES is inspired by love, relationships and strong emotions as well as the journey of mentally breaking free from the harmful stereotypes and beliefs of femininity. The singers are currently writing new music and we will see their next releases in early 2022.


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